2022 Shenzhen Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition Autumn Exhibition

The 2021 China (Shenzhen) Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition (CCBEC) ended on September 18 at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. It was successfully held with the extensive support of various partners, providing a platform for cross-border sellers, high-quality manufacturers and service providers to communicate, exchange and trade, and help cross-border merchants to share new opportunities for global trade. The three-day exhibition ushered in the active participation of industry insiders, and both exhibitors and visitors spoke highly of the exhibition. This year’s CCBEC exhibition covers an area of ​​120,000 square meters, spanning 6 exhibition halls, including a total of 11 categories of hot-selling product series, attracting a total of 2,052 exhibitors from more than 50 industrial clusters, and the proportion of on-site special booths More than 40%, 100,958 people visited the site looking for partners and business opportunities related to export goods, e-commerce platforms, and supporting services.

exhibition criteria

1. Manufacturer/Supplier

Household consumer goods: kitchen supplies, table decorations, stainless steel products, tableware, glassware, plastic products, silicone products, kitchen furniture and accessories, household storage, household daily necessities, household decorations, bathroom utensils and accessories, cleaning utensils, Clothing storage and household hardware, etc.

Festive Supplies/Christmas Supplies: Design Gifts, Festive Supplies, Toys, Stationery, Electronic Gifts, Jewelry Accessories, Handicrafts, Disposable Cutlery, Napkins and Tablecloths, Ball Supplies, Balloons, Ball Costumes, Various Ribbons, Packaging Products, Artificial flowers/plants, garlands, artificial trees, natural floral products, all kinds of flower utensils, indoor/outdoor ceramic metal objects, basic materials for flower making, candles, candlesticks, candle accessories, aromatherapy, Christmas tree decorations, electronic Christmas gifts, advent Items, Easter Ornaments, Halloween Ornaments, Porcelain and Glass Ornaments, Metal Items, Faith Items

Consumer electronics and household appliances: audio-visual entertainment and electronic toys, gaming and e-sports, digital imaging, wearable devices, mobile phone peripherals, charging products, 3C gifts, household appliances, personal care and health appliances, security and smart home, home lighting

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Shoes and bags: Men’s and women’s clothing, children’s clothing, underwear, backpacks, bags, fabrics, home textiles, fashion shoes, sports shoes, children’s shoes, sandals and slippers, accessories, glasses, fitness clothing, fitness equipment, fitness products, etc.

Comprehensive sporting goods: sporting goods, outdoor sports goods, snow sports and equipment, board sports (skateboards/snowboards), fitness equipment and accessories, sports equipment and equipment, sports functions (racquets/shoes/balls and indoor sports) /team sports, etc.), sportswear/casual wear, fabrics and accessories, sports lifestyle, new brand releases in the industry, media/associations/service providers, etc.

Hardware outdoor garden/building materials and home decoration: hardware tools, garden tools, outdoor furniture, barbecue grills, barbecue accessories, parasols, awnings, power tools, hand tools, garden decoration, indoor furniture, wallpaper, doors and windows bathroom, office furniture, etc.

Food/health products/big health care: food, health food, massage chair, massage bed, foot bath supplies, eye massager, eye mask, goggles, eye protector, blood pressure, blood sugar detector, mask, electronic thermometer, Household electrocardiogram, health detector, pedometer and other household detectors, hydrogen-rich water cup, hydrogen-rich water machine, hydrogen water filter element, high-end drinking water products, household water equipment, etc.

Pet supplies: pet clothing, nest pads, beauty care, collars, leashes, pet shelters, pet food, pet backpacks, toys, eating utensils, carts, training smart products and hygiene products, etc.

Beauty salon/beauty personal care: body care products, SPA products, foot care products, sun care, health care, packaging products, lipstick boxes, various makeup boxes, perfume bottles, various types of beauty cosmetics, Cosmetics and make-up, beauty equipment, manicure and nail care, wigs, hair accessories, hair cutting combs, shampoo and care products, hairdressing equipment and barber chairs, hair salon furniture, etc.

2. Cross-border service providers

Information consultation, logistics storage, supply chain, agency operation, cross-border marketing, operation management system, payment platform, education and training, talent recruitment, insurance, intellectual property, legal consultation, trademark registration, etc.

3. E-commerce platform / media

B2B/B2C cross-border e-commerce platform, retail e-commerce at home and abroad, cross-border e-commerce industrial park/comprehensive pilot zone, investment policy/project recommendation,investment environment display, live broadcast platform/equipment/supporting components, big data, artificial intelligence and Cloud computing, cross-border e-commerce associations, independent stations, professional media, etc.

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Post time: Apr-23-2022