How to drink water after strenuous exercise?


Fast-paced lifestyle and busy work pressure, so that more and more people choose to exercise to relieve. In the city on the road, in the sports field, in the gym, you can see sweating sports figure.

After strenuous exercise, you need to stay hydrated. Anyone who has watched an Olympic race will have noticed this detail: after a few kilometers in the marathon, a row of water supply stations will appear next to the course. Instead of drinking immediately after getting the water, athletes pinch the notch closest to the top of the bottle and apply pressure to shape it into a zigzag shape, allowing them to sip while running. Many athletes also gargle water, spit it out or swallow it and swallow it in several mouthfuls.

After exercise, drink water gently and many times

Exercise sweat more, need to drink water naturally large. However, the body is still in the excitement period after exercise, heartbeat speed did not immediately recover gently, so can not drink enough. Correct drinking water is, keep drinking water speed as far as possible gentle, and then intermittent type of sub-drinking. In this way, the heart can absorb water adequately and orderly. You should generally drink no more than 200 milliliters of water at a time, with at least 15 minutes between drinks.

The amount of urine excreted by the human body a day is about 1500 ml, and the water excreted by the metabolism is about 2500 ml. The amount of water the human body can replenish from food and metabolism is about 1500 ml. Therefore, normal people should drink at least 1500 ml of plain water every day, about 8 cups. The amount of water you drink will vary depending on your environment, weather, exercise, etc.

1. The best time to drink the first glass of water is 6:30 in the morning, which has the effect of detoxifying and beautifying.

2. The best time to drink a second glass of water is 8:30 a.m. to replenish the body.

3. The best time to drink a third glass of water is 11:00 a.m., which can relieve fatigue and relax.

4, the best time to drink the fourth cup of water is 12:50 at noon, can achieve the role of reducing weight.

5. The best time to drink a fifth glass of water is 15:00 in the afternoon, which can refresh your mind.

6. The best time to drink the sixth glass of water is at 17:30 p.m., which helps digestion and absorption of food.

7. The best time to drink the seventh glass of water is 22:00 at night, which can achieve detoxification, excretion, digestion and improve blood circulation.

Post time: Oct-12-2022