What is the difference between pc plastic cup and pp plastic cup

pc plastic cup refers to the plastic cup made of polycarbonate material, the bottom number is 7; pp plastic cup refers to the plastic cup made of polypropylene, the bottom number is 5. pc plastic cup and pp plastic cup difference mainly has the following points:

1, PC material plastic cup transmittance is good, and light than glass, low price, PC material plastic cup can withstand -30℃~140℃ temperature, just say that this material in this temperature is not cracking, melting.

2, PP material plastic cup is quite light, not easy to break; Good heat resistance, no doubt of toxic substances, stable and safe; The disadvantage of light transmission is slightly poor.

3, the hardness of plastic PC is higher than the hardness of universal plastic PP, PP raw material is translucent milky white, PC raw material is transparent. PP is also known as a hundred fold rubber toughness is better, PC is also known as bulletproof rubber toughness hardness and impact strength are much higher.

4, PP is a general plastic, the density of PP is less than 1.0cm/g, PP is floating on the water; PC is an engineering plastic, PC density is greater than 1.0cm/g, PC is submerged.

5, PC material plastic cup after repeated heating will produce bisphenol -A and other carcinogens, PP plastic cup will not.

pc plastic cup and pp plastic cup are common two kinds of plastic water cup, the main difference between the two is that pc plastic cup can not be filled with boiling water and pp plastic cup can be filled with boiling water. In addition, the two in heat resistance, hardness, density and other aspects have a certain difference. pc plastic cup due to low heat resistance, containing boiling water or release of bisphenol substances, harm to human health, so can not be used to fill boiling water; The pp material plastic cup filled with boiling water is non-toxic, and high temperature resistance is strong.
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Post time: Oct-21-2022